March 2020

What Does Coronavirus Mean for the Criminal Justice System?
As police start  to focus attention away from low-level offenses because of coronavirus, what is the impact on the entire criminal justice system? Coronavirus is impacting every aspect  of life. As more and more police officers are getting infected, departments...
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Prisoners Are Left Defenseless Against Coronavirus
Prisons and jails across the country have strict bans on alcoholic sanitizers and lack of access to soap, could this breed disaster if Coronavirus strikes? As fear of Coronavirus spreads across the country, education on preventing the contagion has been...
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Attorney Brad Rideout Speaks at Walter Cronkite School
Brad Rideout talks at the Arizona State University's Cronkite News about one of his cases involving police and sexual assault. Attorney Brad Rideout spoke to Cronkite News at Arizona State University on his case involving undercover federal agents having sex...
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