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Rideout Law is an aggressive criminal defense and bankruptcy law firm. By hiring Rideout Law you get an experienced trial attorney. Rideout Law proudly serves the Phoenix Metro area, the Northwestern Arizona “River Cities”, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who We Are

Rideout Law is a results-driven criminal defense law firm, known for its team of experienced trial attorneys who are ready to fight for you and your case. The team at Rideout Law understands that every case is different, and works to craft a customized plan around each client’s best defense strategy.

Rideout Law has handled many sensitive cases, in which professionals (like teachers, firefighters and other public servants) needed to protect themselves after being accused of a crime.

Since a criminal conviction can easily cost someone their job and reputation, these individuals had a lot at stake. They turned to Rideout Law because they had confidence that they’d be treated with respect, in a confidential manner, and get the best defense team for their needs.

With multiple locations around Arizona, you can rest assured Rideout Law can handle your criminal case wherever you are.

Our Team

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