Attorney Brad Rideout Featured on Mohave Valley Daily News’ Morning Show

Attorney Brad Rideout’s client has all charges dropped, prompting a shoutout on the Mohave Valley Daily News’ morning show the Daily Dose

Rideout Law Group’s namesake, Attorney Brad Rideout, had a shoutout on the Mohave Daily News’ The Daily Dose morning show this week. Rideout’s client recently had all charges dropped due to the unconstitutional actions used to procure the tip-off against the defendant. Because of this trial, the reporter John Pynakker stated: “Apparently, if you’ve been misbehaving and need a good attorney, Virginia Crews and Brad Rideout are the people you need to see.” He has a good point! Rideout Law Group has become the go-to criminal defense law firm in the state to make sure your rights are protected! If you or a loved one has been charged for a crime, call us toll-free at 833-854-8181, or visit one of our offices out of Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, or Tempe, AZ.

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