Does Tucson’s New Tobacco Ordinance Hint Towards New Age Restrictions in Arizona?

Tucson Passes Ordinance to Raise the Age Required to Purchase Tobacco, Will This Inspire Larger Cities and the Entire State of Arizona to Join? Tucson’s city council passed an ordinance that would require all vendors in the city’s limits to sell tobacco products, including vapes, only to customers aged 21 and over. This was a response to the growing trend of high schoolers using e-cigarette products. So far, Tucson is the biggest municipality in Arizona to pass this measure, but this may not be the case in the near future. We may potentially see more support for a state-wide raise in the required age for tobacco purchases. This would heavily impact high school and college students who are legally using tobacco products now. If you run into trouble due to some of these tobacco laws being put in place, please visit any of our Rideout Law Group locations in Las Vegas, NV, Bullhead City, Tempe, and Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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