A.R.S. 28-661: Handling Accidents Resulting in Injury or Death

Vehicle involved in a serious accident.

A.R.S. 28-661: Handling Accidents Resulting in Injury or Death


Arizona Revised Statute 28-661 outlines crucial legal obligations for drivers involved in accidents causing injury or death, including provisions for autonomous and electric vehicles. It ensures accident accountability and safety, demanding that drivers stay at the scene and adhere to reporting. Non-compliance leads to severe penalties, promoting road safety in Arizona.

Immediate Actions (Subsection A): If an accident results in injury or death, the driver must stop their vehicle at the accident scene or as close as possible, remaining until they fulfill Section 28-663 requirements, typically involving reporting and information sharing.

Autonomous and Electric Vehicles (Subsection B): Autonomous vehicles without human drivers and neighborhood electric vehicles without operators must stop at or near the scene and stay until Section 28-663 requirements are met.

Penalties (Subsections C and D): Failure to stop or meet Section 28-663 requirements carries serious consequences:

  • Accidents causing death or serious injury result in class 3 or 2 felonies, depending on driver fault.
  • Accidents causing injuries other than death or serious injury lead to class 5 felonies.

Consecutive Sentences and License Revocation (Subsections E to H): Convictions related to accidents trigger consecutive sentences. The driver’s license is revoked:

  • For serious injury, five or ten years (excluding incarceration time).
  • For other injuries, three years.

Restricted Privilege (Subsection G): After the revocation period (excluding incarceration), drivers may apply for a restricted driving privilege if they meet criteria, including no motor vehicle-related convictions and court-ordered restitution payment.

Alcohol or Drug Screening (Subsection I): If intoxicants contributed to the accident, the court may order alcohol or drug screening.


To read the complete statute, click here.


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