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Rideout Law is a results-driven Criminal Defense and Family Law firm, known for its team of experienced Arizona attorneys who are ready to fight for you and your particular case.

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Attorney Brad Rideout is the managing attorney of Rideout Law Group. Brad got his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, then got his law degree from Chapman University School of Law. Brad has years of criminal law experience, both as an Attorney and a Prosecutor on everything from DUI’s to Felony Trials.

Brad Rideout, Attorney-at-Law

Scottsdale Attorney Brad Rideout

With offices located in Scottsdale and Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Rideout Law is your premier choice for experienced attorneys specializing in Family Law, Juvenile Law, and Criminal Defense Law. Recognizing that every client's situation is unique, we're dedicated to crafting a personalized defense strategy tailored to your needs.

Professionals across Arizona, from teachers and firefighters to other valued public servants, have entrusted their reputations and careers to our capable hands, especially when allegations threaten their futures. A criminal conviction can be more than just a legal hurdle; it can tarnish your reputation and end a career. That's why so many choose Rideout Law: our promise of utmost respect, unwavering confidentiality, and an expert defense team that consistently delivers.

If you're searching for top-tier legal representation in Arizona, whether in Scottsdale or Lake Havasu City, look no further than Rideout Law. We're here to safeguard your rights and reputation.

Areas of Arizona Law

Criminal Defense

From a simple misdemeanor to a felony charge, these cases need to be handled with extreme care to get you the best result.

Juvenile Law

Cases involving children often include special circumstances, especially when the child is the one convicted of a crime.

Family Law

Compassionate and experienced legal representation for divorce, child custody, and other family law matters.

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Arizona Law Updates

Resolution Management Conference (RMC)

What is a Resolution Management Conference (RMC)?

What is a Resolution Management Conference (RMC)? Family law proceedings, such as divorces and parenting issues, are often some of the most challenging legal cases, with a variety of roadblocks and disputed issues. Because of this, a Resolution Management Conference …

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What is an Avowal?

What is an Avowal? As defined by AZ Court Help’s Legal Term Glossary, an avowal is “a statement of acknowledgement or admission.” In a court of law, attorneys are able to make avowals during a trial as an open declaration …

What is an Avowal? Read More »

Bury a pet.

Can I Bury My Pet in My Backyard?

Can I Bury My Pet in My Backyard? Our pets often become beloved and integral members of our lives. When they pass away, it is natural to want to honor them and even keep them as close as possible. Laws …

Can I Bury My Pet in My Backyard? Read More »

Rule 15.1 disclosure

Criminal Discovery and Disclosure Compliance for the State: Arizona’s Rule 15.1

Criminal Discovery and Disclosure Compliance for the State: Arizona’s Rule 15.1 The state of Arizona’s Rules of Criminal Procedure lay out all the legal requirements regarding how criminal proceedings must take place within the state. One very important component of …

Criminal Discovery and Disclosure Compliance for the State: Arizona’s Rule 15.1 Read More »

Juvenile sentencing.

Juvenile Sentencing

Juvenile Sentencing In Arizona, cases charging youths under the age of 18 years old with crimes are handled differently than they would be for an adult offender. The juvenile criminal court system provides a means to reform these youths, referred to as delinquents, …

Juvenile Sentencing Read More »

Arizona victims' rights.

Victims’ Rights in Arizona

Victim’s Rights in Arizona The victims of any crime in Arizona are afforded multiple rights and protections through the Arizona Constitution. These rights allow the voice of every victim to be heard and ensure that victims of crimes are informed …

Victims’ Rights in Arizona Read More »

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