Arizona’s Chop Shop Laws: A.R.S. 13-4702

Chop shop operations are crimes.

Arizona’s Chop Shop Laws: A.R.S. 13-4702

While from the outside looking in chop shops may seem to be auto body shops, they are actually illicit sites that dismantle stolen vehicles in order to sell their parts for profit. Offenses involving chop shops are felonies in the state of Arizona.

Chop Shop Class 2 Felony

Owning or operating a chop shop is a class 2 felony. Offenders can face up to 12.5 years of incarceration for this crime.

Chop Shop Class 4 Felonies

The following crimes are class 4 felonies:

  • Transporting a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part to or from a chop shop.
  • Selling or transferring a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part to a chop shop.
  • Purchasing or receiving a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part from a chop shop.
  • Removing, destroying, defacing, or otherwise altering a vehicle identification number (VIN) with the intent to misrepresent or prevent the identification of the motor vehicle or motor vehicle part.
  • Buying, selling, transferring, or possessing a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part knowing that the VIN, which was placed there by the manufacturer, has been removed, destroyed, defaced, or otherwise altered.

Offenders of class 4 felonies can face up to 3.75 years of incarceration.


Chop shop crimes can come in conjunction with other crimes, particularly those involving theft, theft of means of transportation (auto theft), or unlawful use of means of transportation. In early 2023, the Arizona Department of Transportation inspected 12 businesses in an effort to stamp out chop shop operations, as reported by Fox 10 News. Authorities uncovered a Phoenix-area chop shop disguised as a salvage yard in which the owner received theft of means of transportation charges in addition to the charge of operating a chop shop.

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