Can I Get Divorced in Arizona if I Just Moved Here?

Divorce after moving.

Can I Get Divorced in Arizona If I Just Moved Here?

In the United States, each state sets their own guidelines and requirements for both marriage and divorce, so it can be difficult to understand how the legalities might change if you relocate to another state.

Arizona maintains a residency requirement for filing for divorce. Any individual who has relocated to the state of Arizona must reside in the state for a minimum of 90 days before they are able to file for divorce. This is also applicable in cases of individuals stationed in the state as a member of the U.S. military. Additionally, they must file in the specific county in which they have taken residence. This applies regardless of whether or not the marriage took place in the state of Arizona.

The other spouse is not required to live in Arizona as long as the filing spouse fulfills the residency requirements on their own.

Anyone looking to divorce who hasn’t resided in the state for the full 90 days is still able to begin gathering the documents and information that will be needed so that they are ready to file as soon as they become eligible.

Once the petition for dissolution of marriage has been served to the other party, the other spouse has 20 calendar days to respond if they live in Arizona and 30 calendar days if they live outside of Arizona.

In short, anyone who has moved to Arizona may file for divorce after 90 days of living in the state, even if they were married in another state.


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