Can You Carry a Knife in Arizona?

Arizona allows you to carry knives.

Carrying a Knife in Arizona

Arizona has particularly permissive laws when it comes to the ability to carry knives.

Arizona statute A.R.S. 13-3120 governs knife-carrying regulations and explicitly prevents individual cities and municipalities from enacting their own knife laws. This allows for a legal cohesiveness across the entire state.

Per Arizona law, knives are not considered deadly weapons, as they are instead classified as tools. (For information regarding dangerous offenses with deadly weapons, visit here.) However, knife-carriers must obey concealed weapons laws in such places that have these regulations, like government facilities and schools. A knife will only be considered a deadly weapon if its purpose changes to allow an individual to commit a crime with it.

Pocket-knives of any kind (blades less than four inches) are permitted to be carried for individuals regardless of age, as long as they are not concealed. Individuals aged 21 or over may carry any type of knife, whether concealed or not.

The American Knife and Tool Institute provides a comprehensive look at knife laws in Arizona.

Carrying a knife can lead to trouble if you are found carrying onto school property (or other locations where knife-carrying is prohibited), if you are concealing a knife while under the age of 21, or if you lie to law enforcement about carrying a knife. These crimes are misdemeanors that can leave you facing up to six months of jail, as well as fines up to $2500.

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