Diversion Programs in Arizona

Diversion programs offer alternatives to typical prosecution and allow for dropped charges.

Diversion Programs in Arizona

Criminal cases in Arizona are not always prosecuted in the traditional manner. Particularly for first time offenders charged with minor offenses, or those with underlying conditions that may be better served through rehabilitation, these defendants may be diverted away from prosecutorial procedure altogether and sent to alternative forms of addressing their criminal behavior. This allows an offender to be rehabilitated and hopefully prevent a reoccurrence of criminal activity.

Once a defendant has met the requirements of their court-ordered diversion program, they may have their charges reduced or dropped entirely. Diversion can include counseling, community service, regular drug testing, and treatment programs. There are also diversion programs geared for U.S. veterans.

Diversion programs vary depending on the court, city, and county in which the offense is being charged. Below are some examples employed by various jurisdictions in Arizona:

Maricopa County Diversion Programs– Maricopa County Attorney’s Office analyzes each criminal case for diversion eligibility. Maricopa offers diversion programs for certain instances of opioid use, bounced checks, felonies committed by those with developmental disabilities or serious mental illness, domestic violence, felonies, child abuse, and furnishing tobacco to a minor. They also have a Veterans’ Diversion Program.

City of Phoenix Diversion Programs – Phoenix offers diversion programs for certain crimes involving domestic violence, underage drinking, anger management, shoplifting/theft, decision-making issues, prostitution, solicitation, and mental health issues. Successful completion of diversion results in a dismissal of the case.

Pima County Diversion Programs – Pima County offers diversion programs to help rehabilitate offenders, particularly those suffering from substance abuse or with mental health disorders. Available for both misdemeanors and felonies, Pima County offers diversion for both juveniles and adults.

City of Tucson Diversion Program – Tucson offers diversion for a cost of $275 through Tucson City Prosecutor’s Office and The Center for Life Skills Development. The program offers substance abuse counseling, adult responsibility classes, and humane education classes, among others. Successful completion will result in the full charges being dropped and no fines other than the diversion program fee.

Pinal County Diversion Program – Pinal County Attorney’s Office offers diversion tailored to the needs of each eligible offender. Diversion begins before formal legal proceedings begin, and successful completion results in dropped charges and no additional prosecution of the matter.



With offices in Lake Havasu City and Scottsdale, our firm serves the entire state of Arizona, with a particular focus on criminal defense, family law, and juvenile cases.

Our goal is for the best outcome for your criminal case, which can include:

  • charges that are reduced or dropped.
  • top experts reviewing your case.
  • aggressive negotiations with the prosecution for plea bargains.
  • fines or probation in lieu of jail time.

At Rideout Law Group, our attorneys are able to expertly examine the evidence in your case to provide a strong strategy for argument that leads to an outcome that is most favorable to you. We have experience in all types of criminal cases for both adults and juveniles, with positive outcomes both in plea negotiations as well as jury trial settings.

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