How Does Family Law Billing Work?

Family law billing at Rideout Law Group.

How Does Family Law Billing Work?

Law firm billing can vary depending on the law firm you choose to represent you, the type of law your case falls under, and the scope of your case’s needs. Some attorneys may charge “flat fees,” which cover the entirety of your case from start to finish. In other instances, cases may only be charged if the final outcome is favorable. Other cases may use a “billable retainer” system.

At Rideout Law Group, family law cases use an initial retainer from which hourly fees are drawn. The advanced retainer you pay will be deposited into your personal trust account, from which fees, costs, and expenses will be deducted. Should your initial deposit amount fall under a certain amount, you will be required to add to it to ensure there are always funds with which your attorney and support staff can continue to work.

Services performed therein are billed hourly, with attorneys holding the highest hourly rate and paralegals and other support staff billed at a lower hourly rate. Service is billed monthly.

The required advanced deposit amount, as well as hourly fees, will be discussed during your family law consultation and agreed upon in writing before beginning service.


Rideout Law Group handles cases throughout the entire state of Arizona, with offices located in Scottsdale and Lake Havasu City. Our attorneys are experienced in handling family law cases. For a free consultation, call 480-584-3328.

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