How Long Will My Divorce Take in Arizona?

The divorce process can take 60 days to several years.

How Long Will My Divorce Take in Arizona?


In Arizona, the length of the divorce process (legally referred to a “Dissolution of Marriage”), can vary widely depending on the amicability of the separation, any children or major assets involved, and the length of the marriage.

Following the service of the petition for dissolution of marriage, there is a mandatory waiting period of 60 days before additional proceedings can occur in order to prevent hasty decisions and to allow each spouse to have time to reflect prior to responding. This occurs even if both spouses are in immediate agreement of the decision.

Following this waiting period, you can find yourself involved in either an uncontested or a contested divorce.

Uncontested divorces will find both spouses involved in the terms of the dissolution agreement. Typically, these types of divorces can be finalized within three to four months.

Contested divorces arise when spouses are unable to agree on the terms of their dissolution. This most often occurs regarding matters of debt, property division, and child support and custody. Such divorces can take anywhere from six months to nearly a full year to finalize.

Most divorces end in settlements out of court, but heated divorces may end up in trial where a judge will decide the final terms of the dissolution.

The final Decree to Dissolution of Marriage will encompass the dissolution of the marriage, parenting time and child support for any children, alimony (spousal maintenance), property division, responsibility of debt, responsibility of attorney fees, and the restoration of a maiden name, if desired.

Ultimately, a divorce can be finalized in as quickly as 60 days or as long as several years, with the average uncontested divorce lasting 90-120 days.

Choosing to hire an attorney to represent you in your divorce process will ensure that you follow the proper court procedures and supply the correct evidence. While you have the option to file for divorce without an attorney, making a misstep in court procedures, regardless of being accidental, may find you prohibited from requesting certain benefits or presenting specific evidence. Judges and other court employees cannot provide legal guidance to you.


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