Illegal Guns: What Firearms are Prohibited in Arizona?

Illegal guns in Arizona.

Illegal Guns: What Firearms are Prohibited in Arizona?

Arizona is a state that allows for a broad ability for adult individuals to possess guns. In fact, the state is known for having some of the most lax laws surrounding gun possession in the country. However, in spite of this, Arizona does prohibit certain firearms, described as “prohibited weapons” in A.R.S. 13-3101.

In Arizona, the following types of guns are illegal:

Automatic Firearms (Machine Guns)

Any type of firearm that can shoot more than one shot automatically, without manual reloading, and by a single function of the trigger, may not be possessed in Arizona.

This does not include semi-automatic guns, which are those which can perform rapid shots but require a trigger function for each.

Short-Barreled Rifles

Arizona prohibits rifles with a barrel length of less than 16 inches.

Short-Barreled Shotguns

Likewise, Arizona prohibits shotguns that have barrel lengths less than 18 inches.

Sawed-Off Guns

Any firearm made from a rifle or shotgun that has been modified to a length of under 26 inches is prohibited.

Additionally, Arizona prohibits silencers or any other device designed to muffle the report of a firearm.

Penalties for Possessing an Illegal Firearm

It is a class 4 felony to possess a firearm that is prohibited by Arizona law. The same charge applies for the manufacture, transport, sale, or transfer of these prohibited weapons. Offenders of this crime will be charged with misconduct involving weapons, and a first-time offender could face incarceration of up to 3.75 years.

Additional charges can apply if the crime involves a prohibited possessor and for repeat offenders.

Harsher penalties will be imposed if the offender used illegal firearms for purposes such as terrorism, committing a felony offense, or involvement in a criminal street gang.



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