Juvenile Probation

Juvenile probation.

Juvenile Probation

Arizona aims to steer juvenile delinquency cases toward rehabilitative measures rather than harsh punishments when appropriate. This means that minors who commit less serious crimes may be able to expect less severe sentencing through juvenile court than they would in an adult court of law with standard sentencing.

Juvenile probation is one such common outcome in juvenile cases. Probation keeps the juveniles out of jail and allows them to keep a somewhat normal daily routine, albeit with some limitations on their freedoms through various levels of supervision.

What to Expect in Juvenile Probation

Each juvenile court may set their own qualifications for probation and will likewise set their own rules and supervision levels depending on the particular case. Types of probation supervision can include:

  • Community-based supervision.
  • Probation/surveillance officers.
  • Intensive supervision (JIPS) through house arrest.
  • Department of Child Safety (DCS) oversight.
  • Residential facilities.

Juvenile cases typically include supervision fees and diversion costs, but as of 2023 it is now possible for those juvenile court fees to be waived.

Juveniles undergoing probation may expect, depending on their supervision level, to:

  • Regularly check in with a probation or surveillance officer.
  • Undergo drug or alcohol testing.
  • Participate in treatment or counseling programs.
  • Maintain satisfactory school attendance.
  • Have random visits from probation officers or similar.
  • Follow a case plan to achieve positive goals.
  • Undergo clinical/mental health assessments or evaluations.

Juvenile probation can potentially last until the minor reaches 18 years of age but can extend to age 19 in some extended jurisdictions. In some case, probation may only last for a year.

Juvenile Probation Violation

Violating any of the terms of juvenile probation can result in the probation length being extended. Examples of probation violations include:

  • Committing another crime.
  • Failing to complete court-ordered treatments, classes, or counseling.
  • Running away from home.

Juvenile Probation Services in the Arizona Superior Courts

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