Mesa Considering Adding Vape Detectors In Public Schools

Vape detectors are being installed in Mesa Public Schools.

Mesa Considering Adding Vape Detectors In Public Schools

As of 2023, Mesa Public Schools, the largest school district in the state of Arizona, is considering adding “vape detectors” into their middle and high schools, as reported by Holly Bock of AZ Family.

These detectors, similar in nature to ceiling smoke detectors, have been installed in a student bathroom as a part of a pilot program at Red Mountain High School where they have been averaging 15 alerts a day, resulting in 5 disciplinary actions. Parents have been requesting that schools crack down on student vaping in bathrooms, as these areas are unsupervised and without security cameras, making them havens for student vaping. Students have become uncomfortable entering school bathrooms due to the increase in bathroom vaping.

According to Allen Moore, the director of school safety and security for Mesa Public Schools, they have been seeing an increase in nicotine and THC marijuana vape pens, many of which are increasingly hard to detect, hidden inside highlighters or made to look like flash drives.

These vape detectors work by detecting vaping chemicals, which alert nearby school security cameras, allowing security to see who is exiting the bathroom following the alert.

Peoria Unified School District already has 50 vape sensors in their high schools, with a plan to add sensors to their middle schools due to sensors’ success.

The Food and Drug Administration reports that 2.8 million students report using tobacco products, with e-cigarettes the most common type. Locally, Deer Valley Unified School District has noticed a rise among their middle schoolers.

Mesa Public Schools hope to make vape detectors a permanent installation in all their schools in order to create a healthier and safer school environment.

To learn more about vaping laws and regulations throughout Arizona, visit our article here.



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