Public Urination Laws

Public urination is a crime in Arizona.

Public Urination Laws

In Arizona, public urination is a class 1 misdemeanor charge under the state’s indecent exposure statute. Such a conviction can result in incarceration of six months. However, some cities and municipalities within the state of Arizona have further laws, definitions, and penalties written into their city codes regarding this crime when it occurs within their city limits. While not exhaustive, the following list exemplifies common municipal codes regarding public urination:


The City of Scottsdale’s city code makes it unlawful for anyone to urinate or defecate anywhere that is exposed to public view. In addition to a class 1 misdemeanor charge, the offender will be fined at least $150 and may also require them to pay restitution for clean-up costs.


The municipal code for the City of Tempe makes it unlawful for anyone to urinate or defecate in any public or private property except for in designated toilet facilities. Tempe charges this violation as a petty offense, which is lesser than a misdemeanor, and can result in a penalty of up to $300.


The City of Chandler’s city code makes it unlawful for any person to urinate or defecate on public city sidewalks or any public paths, roads, highways, parks, or other public places that are visible or readily accessible from a public conveyance. Violations are class 1 misdemeanors, and can also include fines up to $2500.

Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley’s city code makes it unlawful to urinate or defecate in any open public place or place where the public is invited and which is readily accessible from a public conveyance. Prescott Valley charges this offense as a class 3 misdemeanor for which the offender can be fined $500.


Law enforcement may park themselves in locations that will better allow them to discover offenders, such as alleyways in bar districts. A night out drinking, nor the inability to wait in line for a designated restroom, does not excuse the act of public urination.

Regardless of the city in which it occurs, public urination can be a serious crime in Arizona that will appear on the offender’s public criminal record. Anyone charged specifically with indecent exposure as a result of public urination is at risk of needing to register as a sex offender if they have two or more charges of indecent exposure to a person under age fifteen or three or more indecent exposure charges.



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