Ticket Scalping – What is Actually Legal? A.R.S. 13-3718

Ticket scalping.

Ticket Scalping – What is Actually Legal? A.R.S. 13-3718

Arizona is home to many major sports organizations and notable performance venues. When major sports or performance events occur, it can be hard to miss those who are reselling tickets to the event just outside the facility.

Ticket scalping occurs when an individual purchases tickets to an event and then attempts to resell those tickets for a higher price. While this is permitted in some capacities, anyone looking to resell tickets should make sure they are doing so in a lawful manner.

Arizona state law outlines ticket scalping in A.R.S. 13-3718.

Anyone looking to resell, or scalp, a ticket for a higher price may not do so within 200 feet from the entrance of the associated venue or its contiguous parking lot.

  • This higher price includes the original price as printed on the ticket, plus lawful taxes, and any other charge or assessment required by the original vendor.

It is unlawful for anyone to change the price printed on the original ticket without written permission from the original ticket vendor.

These scalping laws apply to any theatrical production, concert, sporting event, or other entertainment event.

Penalties for Illegal Ticket Scalping

Violating A.R.S. 13-3718 is a petty offense. While petty offenses don’t result in jail time, they can result in up to $300 in fines.

However, if, in the pursuit of scalping tickets, the reseller creates counterfeit tickets, they can face much more serious charges for forgery, fraud, or fraudulent scheme and artifices.

What Type of Ticket Reselling is Allowed?

Ticket scalping for a higher price is permitted as long as it is done outside of a 200-foot radius of the venue or its parking lot. Most major events will station law enforcement or security officials around the venue who will be able to point ticket scalpers to the appropriate distance to be able to sell.

Ticket scalping for a price that is equal to, or less than, the original ticket price is permitted anywhere, including within 200 feet of the venue.

Dangers of Purchasing Scalped Tickets

When purchasing scalped tickets, there is a risk that the tickets are counterfeit, particularly when purchased on the street. For those not able to purchase tickets from the original vendor, purchasing from an authorized third-party reseller is often the safest option.



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