What are Arizona’s Pretrial Services?

Pretrial services are often overseen by probation officers.

What are Arizona’s Pretrial Services?

After an alleged criminal offender has had an initial appearance in the court, the defendant will go through pretrial services to assist judicial officers in determining their release decisions and conditions. Each county’s superior court will handle pretrial services in their own way, and municipal and justice courts may also run their own pretrial services as well.

The courts will determine a “Public Safety Assessment” (PSA) for each defendant to accurately determine their likelihood to engage in additional crimes or violence or fail to return to court. These pretrial services are generally overseen by probation officers.

Common examples of a defendant’s release decisions are:

  • Being released on their own recognizance.
  • Being released with bond.
  • Being held without bond.
  • Undergoing pretrial with conditions.
  • Undergoing pretrial with electronic monitoring.

Common conditions of release may require a defendant to:

  • Remain law-abiding.
  • Not leave Arizona borders without court approval.
  • Appear at all court proceedings.
  • Participate in treatment or assistance programs.
  • Submit to drug or alcohol testing.
  • Not possess firearms or other deadly items.
  • Undergo ankle monitoring or submit to curfews.

Defendants who are ordered to submit to routine drug or alcohol testing will not be able to count these tests as court-ordered classes. However, they do aid in proving to the court that the defendant is showing remorse, taking their charges seriously, and, if the tests are clean, demonstrating that they are not currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

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Rideout Law Group can help to ensure that your pretrial release conditions are fair and can file motions to modify any conditions that are incommensurate with your charges or PSA.



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  • aggressive negotiations with the prosecution for plea bargains.
  • fines or probation in lieu of jail time.

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