What Should You Do if You Hit an Unattended Vehicle? A.R.S. 28-664

It's a crime to flee after hitting an unattended vehicle.

What Should You Do if You Hit an Unattended Vehicle? A.R.S. 28-664

Often considered a type of “hit-and-run,” it is unlawful for a person driving a vehicle to flee the scene after colliding with an unattended vehicle. This is true for vehicles parked on either private or public property.

According to A.R.S. 28-664, drivers who hit another vehicle have specific duties they must follow after such a collision in order to remain within the law.  Following the collision, the driver must stop and then either:

  • Locate and notify the operator or owner of the vehicle of the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle striking the unattended vehicle.


  • Leave a written notice giving the name and address of the driver and of the owner of the vehicle that caused the collision in a conspicuous place on the vehicle that was struck.

If the vehicle that collided with the unattended vehicle is a fully autonomous vehicle operating without a human driver, or a neighborhood occupant-less electric vehicle, the duty requirements are satisfied as long as the vehicle stops and its owner (or someone on behalf of the owner) provides a written notice as described above.

Violations of this statute are class 1 misdemeanors for which offenders can face up to six months of incarceration. Additionally, no criminal restitution can be ordered for a person convicted of a hit-and-run offense.



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