Yavapai County Jail Visitation Guidelines

Yavapai County jail visitation.

Yavapai County Jail Visitation Guidelines

An individual suspected of committing a crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, can be detained in jail while they await court proceedings and sentencing. In other cases, people convicted of misdemeanor crimes may serve their sentence in a jail if their length of incarceration was ordered to be a year or less.

Yavapai County offers two jail locations, one in Prescott and the other in Camp Verde.

Can I Visit an Inmate In-Person at the Jail?

No. In-person visits require a greater amount of inmate movement that the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) aims to minimize. Instead, both the Camp Verde Detention Center and the Prescott Detention Center allow on-site video visitation within their facilities. On-site visits must be scheduled in advance.

How Can I Schedule an On-Site Video Visit?

All visits must be scheduled between 1 and 14 days in advance of the visit date. Visitors can schedule visits at the appropriate detention center during visitation hours. Alternatively, visitors can schedule visits online through the Securus Video Visitation link.

When are On-Site Video Visiting Hours?

On-site visitation in either jail facility is permitted between 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. No on-site visits are allowed on holidays, and each visit is limited to a maximum length of 20 minutes.

Can I Visit an Inmate by Video from Off-Site?

Yes. Both detention facilities allow for online video visitation via standard internet connection. A small charge will apply.

Can I Call an Inmate?

No, but inmates may initiate outgoing calls themselves. In order to accept a call from an inmate, you will need to set up a Securus Phone Services Account to pay for the calls or fund the inmate’s phone account.

What if I Need Additional Help Regarding Yavapai County Jail Visitation?

For additional information regarding visiting an inmate, call:

Camp Verde Detention Center – (928) 567-7734

Prescott Detention Center – (928) 771-3286

Which Jail is My Loved One Incarcerated At?

To check if your loved one is incarcerated at within the Yavapai County jail system, visit their inmate lookup tool.



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