Black Bridge murder trial to start next month

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The trial of two defendants charged in the 2010 Black Bridge shooting death of a 37-year-old man has been set for late next month.

The lawyer for one of the defendants, Norman Corley, was in court Friday after he filed a motion to sever his client’s trial from that of co-defendant Casey Fessenden. Attorney Stephen Glazer said he agreed with the state to drop his request for a severance if prosecutors agreed not to use a statement by a witness implicating Corley and Fessenden. Fessenden, 39, reportedly confessed to the witness that he and Corley shot 37-year-old Christopher Gillespie on the night of April 12, 2010.

Glazer argued that because Fessenden made the original statement, Corley, 37, would not be able to confront his accuser unless Fessenden took the stand, which he is not required to do.

Fessenden’s attorney, Brad Rideout, had his own motion to sever denied earlier this year after arguing that the two defendants could simply point the finger at the other while denying their own involvement.

Authorities allege that Gillespie was lured out to the desert off of Old Trails Road near the second black railroad bridge by Corley under the pretext of going to look for bottles and coins. Fessenden was reportedly lying in wait at the location and fired several shots as Gillespie got out of a truck. Corley also allegedly fired at the victim, who was struck four times in the neck and back.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said the crime was financially motivated.

Both men remain jailed while awaiting trial.  Read original article

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