Bullhead City holding first Amnesty Day

The divorce process can take 60 days to several years.

Bullhead City will be hosting its first Amnesty Day to help lower the total number of current active warrants. 

Bullhead City Municipal Court is holding an Amnesty Day on Sept. 10 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. With over 3,000 outstanding cases with active warrants, this day is being hosted with the hope of giving defendants the opportunity to appear before the court and resolve their noncompliance without being arrested. 

According to the Facebook post from the Bullhead City Police Department, “should the defendant desire to pay their fines in full, this can be resolved without seeing a Judge on Amnesty Day.  If the defendant is unable to pay their case balance in full, they will see the Judge to establish a payment plan. If a defendant has warrants for a Failure to Appear, the Judge will set a new court date to resume the case.”

Multiple cities across the US have also taken part in their own versions of amnesty days. Berkeley County in South Carolina held its own Amnesty Day to help the courts catch up with the influx of remaining cases from COVID-19. 

In Missouri, 17 cities across the state took part in the St. Louis Metropolitan Amnesty Program which is supported by the local Better Family Life organization. 

“Those that have low-level warrants have a difficult time gaining employment and taking care of their day-to-day chores; everyone deserves a second chance,” said Tyrone Turner, Vice President of Better Family Life.

These events provide defendants a safe way to handle their outstanding warrants without the fear of arrest. As well, those with cost-burdens can find a way to work with the city to meet any outstanding fines. 

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