Man videotapes terrorist stunt to test police response

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]In a YouTube video that Turley made of the hoax, his young relative was dressed in a sheet, had a scarf wrapped around his head, made erratic movements while in a crosswalk and pointed the fake weapon at vehicles, prompting motorists to call 911.

Prosecutor Michael Anderson told jurors in closing arguments Monday that Turley, who was responsible for his nephew’s safety that day, could have gotten his young relative killed in the hoax.

Anderson said some motorists who saw the teen with the realistic-looking fake launcher had discussions about whether they should run him over. Still, some recordings of 911 calls also showed that some witnesses assumed the weapon was a fake.

Police response: Police initially questioned Turley and his nephew but didn’t seem concerned and didn’t pursue it

Rideout said callers weren’t terrified and instead figured they were witnessing a joke, pointing out that they could see his client filming the hoax and that his nephew did a brief dance while on the street corner.

Earlier in the trial that began June 11, Rideout told jurors that it was foolish for Turley to get his nephew involved but noted that no one was injured and no vehicles wrecked as a result of the hoax.

In testimony last week, Turley said his video of the hoax was meant to be satirical and that most passing motorists laughed at them. He told jurors he didn’t think his actions endangered his nephew’s life.

Suburban commando: Though police didn’t pursue the issue at first, once the YouTube footage came out, they pressed charges. Turley has now been convicted of endangering his nephew and carrying out a terrorist hoax

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