Photo Radar Tickets in Arizona – A Comprehensive Guide

Photo radar cameras.

Photo Radar Tickets in Arizona – A Comprehensive Guide

The Phoenix-metro area in Arizona is home to a large number of red-light photo enforcement cameras. These cameras are set to snap a photo of a vehicle under specific conditions, such as running a red light or driving over the speed limit. Unlike getting pulled over in person by police, those who are “flashed” by a photo radar camera often remain unaware that they have been cited with anything until they receive a notice in the mail.

What to Do If You Receive a Photo Radar Ticket in the Mail

A mailed citation from a photo radar camera is not an official ticket and does not need to be responded to unless it has been formally served to you.

According to A.R.S. 28-1592, the city is allowed up to 60 days to file your citation with the court prior to mailing the citation to you. A filed traffic citation must be formally served within 90 days of being filed in order to be granted jurisdiction. This 90-day period begins only after the citation is filed with the court.

Tickets can be served to you in the following ways:

  • Process server – When somebody comes to your home to physically hands you, or another person of age, the ticket.
  • Alternative service – When courts allows cities to serve a ticket by certified mail.

If you have received a citation in the mail and are trying to avoid answering your door to a process server, note the “Date Issued” on the citation and add 90 days to this date. provides a handy calculator that can be used to calculate this date. If you have not been served with your ticket by this service date, the ticket is no longer valid and will be dismissed.

Waiving Your Right to be Served

Responding to a mailed photo radar citation in certain ways will prove to the court that you received the citation, this waiving your right to be served. This can occur when:

  • You fill out and return any paperwork sent with the citation.
  • You provide a statement denying that you were the driver of the vehicle.
  • You see or communicate with the court judge.
  • You formally request a time extension.

Am I Likely to Be Served?

Each city that utilizes photo radar cameras have their own guidelines when it comes to serving these citations. Scottsdale and Mesa are known to be particularly aggressive with serving traffic citations, but you also have a chance to be served in Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.

What Happens if I Am Formally Served?

Once a traffic ticket has been formally served to you, court proceedings will move forward. These will typically be heard in civil traffic hearings in which the judge will issue a ruling after hearing the evidence for and against you.

If you are charged, you may incur points against your license through the Motor Vehicle Division. Typically, photo radar charges involve speeding (3 points) and running a red light (2 points). You will likely be required to pay for and complete Traffic Survival School as well as pay a fine. You may also see your auto insurance rates increase. Additionally, if you accumulate 8 points within a year, you may have your license suspended.

You don’t typically need to hire an attorney for civil traffic infractions if you are able to take Defensive Driving School and/or pay a fine, as these costs are almost always less than the cost of hiring a private attorney.

Where Are the Photo Radar Cameras?

Photo radar cameras are run by third-parties in conjunction with Arizona cities. Their quantity varies within each jurisdiction. Photo radar cameras may also be installed in school zones. Drivers should always ensure they are following the posted lowered speed limit when driving through school zones.

Photo radar cameras can be found in the following intersections in the metro-Phoenix area:


Scottsdale Road / McDowell Road

Scottsdale Road / Thomas Road

Indian School Road / Hayden Road

Shea Boulevard / 90th Street

Shea Boulevard / 92nd Street

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard / Cactus Road

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard / Greenway-Hayden Loop

Scottsdale Road / Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard / Greenway-Hayden Loop

Scottsdale Road / Pinnacle Peak Road

Thomas Road / Hayden Road


Alma School / Guadalupe

Country Club / Southern

Gilbert / Baseline

Power / Broadway

Power / McKellips

Guadalupe / Carriage

Broadway / Stapley

Country Club / University

Gilbert / McKellips

Power / Hampton

Power / Southern

Broadway / Extension

Ellsworth / Pecos

Lindsay / University

University / Mesa Drive

Power / Main


Alma School Road / Queen Creek Road

Alma School Road / Ray Road

Alma School Road / Warner Road

Arizona Avenue / Ray Road

Arizona Avenue / Warner Road

Arizona Avenue / Ocotillo Road

Chandler Boulevard / Dobson Road

Chandler Boulevard / Kyrene Road

McQueen Road / Queen Creek Road

Ray Road / Dobson Road

Ray Road / McClintock Road

Ray Road / Rural Road

Paradise Valley

East Lincoln Drive / Palo Cristi Road

East Lincoln Drive / Tatum Boulevard

East Lincoln Drive / Mockingbird Lane

North Tatum Boulevard / Desert Jewel Drive

South Tatum Boulevard / East McDonald Drive


35th Avenue / Cactus Road

35th Avenue / Glendale Avenue

16th Street / Jefferson Street

Tatum Boulevard / Thunderbird Road

67th Avenue / McDowell Road

Central Avenue / McDowell Road

53rd Avenue / Indian School Road

50th Street / Ray Road

7th Street / Bell Road

12th Street / Camelback Road

35th Avenue / McDowell Road

24th Street / Thomas Road​


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