Quashing a Warrant

Quashing a warrant or quash a warrant.

Quashing a Warrant

Finding out you have a warrant can be a scary feeling. A warrant gives law enforcement the authority to do various activities that would not otherwise be permitted, such as conduct a search, seize items, or arrest an individual. Bench warrants may be issued by a judge when a defendant in a criminal case:

  • Fails to appear for a court hearing.
  • Fails to comply with a court order.
  • Violates probation.

In some cases, a warrant may be issued erroneously in some way or another. In such instances, a defendant may have a warrant quashed. Quashing a warrant means it becomes canceled. If a defendant believes the warrant contained an error, or that they had a sufficient excuse for committing the act that caused the warrant to be issued in the first place, they or their attorney may file a Petition or Motion to Quash the warrant with the court. This may include supporting evidence as needed. Some of the reasons for which a warrant can be quashed include:

  • The warrant being sent to the wrong address.
  • The warrant misidentifying the defendant.
  • The warrant being unsigned by a judge.
  • The warrant lacking note of the associated charges.
  • The warrant lacking probable cause for being issued.

If a court grants the quashing of the warrant, the defendant will need to pay a bond amount, which varies by court. Depending on the specific case, the court may grant the quash automatically upon motion or they may hold a hearing to determine if there is sufficient cause to overturn the warrant.

Once a warrant is quashed, the case returns to the status it held prior to the warrant being issued. Defendants who had warrants in their case, even those that were quashed, should take special care to ensure they are at every future court date and comply with any future court orders to remain in good standing with the court.

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