Voting Rights Restoration in Arizona

Voting rights restoration

Voting Rights Restoration in Arizona

When anyone is convicted of a felony offense in the state of Arizona, pursuant to A.R.S. 13-904, the following civil rights are suspended:

  • Voting rights.
  • Rights to hold a public office of trust or profit.
  • The right to serve on a jury.
  • During any period of imprisonment any other civil rights the suspension of which is reasonably necessary for the security of the institution in which the person sentenced is confined or for the reasonable protection of the public.
  • The right to possess a firearm.

When it comes to the right to vote, felony offenders may be eligible to have this right restored. This voting rights restoration depends upon an offender’s criminal record.

First-Time Felony Offender

According to A.R.S. 13-907, the right to vote will be automatically restored as soon as the offender’s sentence has been fully completed.

Important to note is that, although the right to vote is automatically restored, the offender will still be required to register themselves to vote.

Service Arizona provides online voter registration.

Offenders of Multiple Felonies

Offenders who have been convicted of more than one felony offense will need to petition the court to restore their civil rights. This includes the right to vote.

For those who were sentenced to probation, they may petition the court as soon as they have completed probation. See A.R.S. 13-905.

For those who were sentenced to prison, they may petition the court two years after their prison sentence is completed, including parole and any community service time. See A.R.S. 13-906.

Those sentenced to life in prison are not eligible for a restoration of civil rights under Arizona law.

Juvenile Felony Offenders

Juvenile offenders adjudicated in a juvenile court will not lose their right to vote, even if their offense would have been a felony in an adult court.

However, juveniles who are charged and tried in an adult court of law will lose their right to vote if they are convicted of a felony.


Felony offenders may visit our article to learn more about restoring their civil rights.

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