How to Get Your Forfeited Money Back From the Government?

Excessive speeding in Arizona is a misdemeanor.


Brad Rideout Explains How He Can Get Your Money Back with No Money up Front

[/vc_column_text][pofo_video_sound pofo_video_type=”vimeo” pofo_video_preview_image=”vimeo” pofo_vimeo_id=”″][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Imagine you are a legal marijuana grower in Arizona who is travelling with $10,000 in cash on them to buy new equipment. You get pulled over with no marijuana on you or your vehicle, yet the police can still legally take every dime you have. You do not even need to be a marijuana grower to have your money taken, if there is any suspicion of any law broken, your money can be forfeited.

In the attached video, Brad Rideout describes how Rideout Law can get your money back by proving your legitimate income. If your money is confiscated you will only have a 30 day window to go through the whole legal procedure and get your money back! You will need to act fast and get a legal team behind you who  understands the system. Rideout Law is here for you and doesn’t require an up front payment, only if you get your money back!

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