August 2020

Arizona’s Potential Marijuana Legalization Stirs Up Mixed Feelings
Arizona Proposition 207 to legalize marijuana is now on the ballots, making AZ a new battleground for marijuana legalization. Arizona is taking the national spotlight in the fight for marijuana legalization for this upcoming 2020 election. Prop 207, if passed,...
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Arizona Police Departments Enlist Brady List Officers
ABC 15 goes investigates AZ police departments with Brady List officers and the damage they have done. Since the 1963 Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, police departments have been required to publicly disclose any misconduct performed by of their...
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Maricopa County Attorney Pulls Back Anti-Adoption Policy
Maricopa County reverses a 5 year old policy that outsourced legal support for gay couples going through the adoption process. Since the United States officially recognized gay marriage in 2015, there has been policies put in place in states and...
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